Monday, March 12, 2012

Almost there??!?!

It's now into March and lots of things have been happening.

Today I finished painting 2.5 doors, hallway, 4 frames. the rest will wait until after the furniture moves.

On Sunday, my Dad enjoyed the sun and hauled away all the renovation garbage. This involved an old toilet, metal scraps and scraps of wood. Replacing the baseboards was easier than putting back cracked old boards. Also, the old upstairs toilet was put in the basement bathroom, so now all the toilets in the house are low flow. yay for energy savings!!

I also finished sewing and mounting the shower curtain. This fabric was the first thing I bought for the bathroom renovation and the only thing that looks exactly how I pictured it in my head.

It has been a month at the "almost done" stage. Where mirrors need to be bought and mounted, toilet paper racks mounted, towel racks ordered, etc.  I'm sure people who have previously renovated couple tell me that this stage of being bored with all the details and wanting things to be done will end, but it feel like it is dragging on forever.

Two more window frames to paint before friday.......

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